New mechanism of action drug in Type II diabetes approved by US FDA

Last week FDA approved canagliflozin Invokana (licensed by J & J from Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma) for Type II diabetes. This is a SGLT2 inhibitor which blocks the action of sodium-glucose co-transporter2 which puts sugar removed from the blood by the kidneys back into the bloodstream.  Last year, dapagliflozin with the same mechanism of action was rejected by FDA because of safety concerns.

EU Ban on animal cosmetics test effective March 11, 2013

As expected, the EC banned the sale of cosmetics which use animal tests in the ingredients or finished product except where the ingredient is part of an approved pharmaceutical product.  Implications for the supply chain of cosmetics are obvious. Some other countries particularly those that follow EU legislation are expected to follow the EU leadership position. More information: http://europa/legislation_summaries/consumers/product_labelling_and _packaging/co0013.en.htm

China to elevate Food, Drug Agencies to General Administration level in government

New organization consolidates the management on Food relevant issues into one administration organization, including R&D, manufacturing , marketing approval and monitor on the market, ie the  whole  life cycle.  Before food management were controlled by several ministers, Industry Commercial, MOH, SFDA, Pricing, etc . All drug matters will only managed by SFDA which will now report into Congress directly instead of reporting into the MOH. This is a step up in grade for SFDA.  However, all of these changes will take time to set up.